Homes In Cross Oak Ranch- Denton County

November 25th, 2014
Homes for sale in Cross Oak Ranch

Cross Oak Ranch

Homes for sale in Cross Oak Ranch Cross are sought after. Cross Oak Ranch is a established community in Denton county located just north of Oak Point, east of Cross Roads and west of Little Elm. It is 1 1/2 miles south of Hwy 380 on 720. Build in COR had stopped in 2010 but started to resume again in 2012 with Lennar and Dr Horton home builders. The community is nicely laid out with a home style for just about all taste. Unlike the home in nearby Providence Village or Savannah, these home are mostly brick and do not have that cape cod look to them. Existing homes on average range from 1200 square feet to 2600 or more. The new build floor plans average are larger. The HOA cost is just under 400.00 per year and is due semi-annually. Some of the items the community offers are 2 pools, gym,  2 playgrounds and parks, 2 miles of walking trails around a stocked private lake and a active HOA that has several community events throughout the year. Cross Oaks Elementary is located in the middle of the community and there are bus stops for the kids that need to attend Navo middle school or Ryan or Denton High schools. Home values in the area have been staidly rising and the median price for the area that includes Cross Oak Ranch is 199,000 with a average days on the market of 55 days. You can find more information for this area by viewing a market insider report here I actually have live in Cross Oak Ranch for four years now. The neighbors are great and really give that home town feel where everyone keeps an eye out. The has grown a lot in the last four years and we have really enjoyed it. Wal Mart opened about a year ago and as far as more choice to eat, well we have them. Traildust Steak house, Praire House, Whataburger, Sonic, McDonalds, Subway, Mom’s Burgers and many other with every type of food imaginable. Below is a current list of what is available in Cross Oak Ranch. If you see anything you would like get more information on or actual see, don’t hesitate to contact me at 972-900-2375 Thanks for your time, Larry

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Homes in Paloma Creek – So this is what all the talk is about

November 24th, 2014

Paloma Creek is a master planned community located along US Hwy 380 in Denton County, just minutes away from the Dallas/Ft. Worth Metroplex. This is one of the area’s most desirable communities and features a quality of life that many families seek. Paloma Creek is equipped with numerous first-class amenities such as; community centers, swimming pools, fitness centers, hike and bike trails, ball fields, and playgrounds. It is a large community that spreads over both north and south of Hwy 380. The north side uses Aubrey’s zip code of 76227 and the south uses Little Elms zip code. Coserv is the utilities provider supplying both electric and gas. The list of builders in Paloma Creek is long but well known. Builder such as Beazer, Horizon, Dunhill, D.R. Horton, Megatel, Gehan, Holiday, Bloomfield, Plantation, Pulte and Sandlin homes. The price range and size of homes vary but you can find new and existing homes ranging from 1500,000 to 400,000. Parts of Paloma Creek mare surrounded by Lake Lewisville which has over 233 miles of shoreline. Boating, swimming, jet skiing and fishing are just some of the many thing you can do on the lake. Lake Lewisville is know for its fishing that includes large-mouth bass, crappie, catfish as well as spotted and striped bass. You will also find trails for hiking and areas that are designated for camping. Finally as the area grows so does the shopping and restaurant choices. Wal-mart is just a few mile west on Hwy 380 and close by is CVS Parmacy, Walgreen and nail and hair salons. Finding a place to eat is not hard a all with Traildust Steak House, The Prairie House, McDonald’s, Whataburger, Sonic and Subway to just name a few. There is even a Starbucks to get your coffee on.

To see a full market insider report click here:

Paloma Creek Builders

If you see a home below that you would like to see don’t hesitate to contact me. I live in the area and would be honored to put my expertise to work for you in this great neighborhood.


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homes in Palamo Creek

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Inspections- What is the expectation?

August 30th, 2014

As a buyer a home inspection is one of the most important steps to the buying process. It allows the buyer to know exactly what they are buying and if issues should arise, gives the buyer a opportunity to ask for repairs or other remedies to solve any issues. Minimally if issues do need attention and the seller will not remedy the problems. The buyer can make an educated decision whether to back out of the deal or repair the issues themselves. Now you might be asking yourself, “so where do I find a home inspector I can trust”? You real estate agent can typically give you 2 or 3 names of reliable inspectors. Typically the buyer will call, ask questions and then decide which one to use. With most good inspectors, the expectation will be that the buyer would be there for some or the whole process. Most buyers like to be there so they can get any answers questioned and see anything serious that stands out. With that said, usualy the seller is not there so the inspector and buyer are free to discuss anything that should arise. Below is a video over the process but keep in mind it is general information. This video is from a inspector up north but the process is still the same. Also in the North Texas area inspections can range from 250.00 to 450.00 depending on the size of the home and features such as sprinkler systems or pools.

Depending on what financing the buyer is using, the lender might also ask for a copy of the inspection so they are aware of the condition before passing through final underwriting. Also if the buyer is asking for repairs from the sellers, it is customary for the seller to get a copy to make sure everyone is on the same page on the repair expectation.


5 Steps to Hiring the Right Roofer – Yahoo Homes

August 30th, 2014

5 Steps to Hiring the Right Roofer – Yahoo Homes.

History Maker Home is in Providence Village

August 30th, 2014

Providence Village is one of several growing communities in the 380 corridor located of highway 380 between Denton and McKinney just North of Little Elm. Schools are great, the HOA is active and the feedback on the community is great. For more information on this community call Larry Mason at 972-900-2375. He is the local expert in the 380 corridor.


Savannah, TX (Great location and building again)

August 29th, 2014

Home in Savannah, TXSavannah, TX sits in a area off highway 380 between Denton, TX and McKinney, TX just north of Little Elm. Although they have started building in more phases, the existing inventory holds a wide range for all types of family. Whether your looking to down size or need a bigger home for that growing family, Savannah is defiantly a community you should consider. The HOA is very active and there are many things for the family to do. Walking trails, pools, ball fields and courts as well as dog friendly areas. This area has been growing for some time now and restaurants and shopping has been settling in. Some of the newer restaurants include McDonald s, Whataburger, Fuzzy Tacos and Starbucks as well as some older favorites such as Traildust Steakhouse, Prairie House, Sonic and Subway with others as well. Walmart is a few miles west towards Denton as well as south in Little Elm. Going east a few miles there are plans to build a mall and a Cinemark theater at 380 and the Dallas Parkway.  Also just on the  other side of 380 the new high school should be open in 2016. Some of the builders in the subdivision are History Maker Homes, Lion Gates, Bloomfield as well as a couple of other. I live in the area and have done a lot of business in Savannah. As the area has grown so has the interest. Home values have been steadly on the rise and will continue as more business move into the area. It’s a great are and a great investment. I know because I live near by. I am a  local Realtor and expert so give me a call at 972-900-2375.

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Below are the current active listings. To see them or others in the surround area go to

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As a seller, What’s Next? We are now under contract.

August 28th, 2014

As the seller, I want you to know what is next now that we are under contract. Our contract was executed today so officially the clock starts on the contract starting tomorrow. Within the next 48 hours but probably today, the buyer’s agent will deliver the executed contract and the earnest money to the title company. They will also deliver the option check more than likely to my office so it can be forwarded to you directly. Once you receive it, you may deposit it immediately. Usually within a day or so once the title company had the contract, they will send you an information sheet to fill out. This is contact info so they can get in touch with you and current lender info so they can get the payoff of your home. It usually contains helpful info for you as well like a map to their office etc.


Now the first hurdle to overcome is the option period. In this case the buyer has asked for 10 days. During the 10 days they will inspect the property and based on the inspectors finding, they will either ask for repairs or be happy with the condition of the home as it is. They can ask for anything and you can decline as well. All of this is negotiable and in most cases both parties agree to either get some items fixed or adjust the price so it can be fixed later. If the inspector should find some serious issues like roof or foundation then a specialist may be called in to look a little deep. Anytime during the 10 days the buyer can terminate and receive their earnest money back. The option period ends at midnight on the last day.


Once we have past the option period, other deadlines come into play. There is certain timeliness in the contract where the buyer should receive the HOA documentation and a survey either new or existing. As your Realtor I make sure those deadlines are met. Once the buyer has received those items, they do have a few days to look them over, asked questions and depending on the issue as for items to be corrected. If something will not work for them then they have a period where they could back out and get the earnest money back. An example would be if the buyer has a large RV and it would need to be parked in the drive way. If the HOA prohibits this then the buyer could decide to back out if this was a deal breaker.


Finally the last hurdle is the third party addendum. The buyer, if financing the deal, has a certain number of days where they can give notice if they are not able to obtain financing and get their earnest money back. Usually this is anywhere between 14 to 21 days. If the buyer passes this deadline and doesn’t give notice then their earnest money is in jeopardy if they don’t close for some reason.


Now this is just the highlights. Every transaction is different and anything can happen along the way. The best way to prevent problems is to always have a full time licensed Realtor representing you.

Thanks for reading. Till we speak.


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August 27th, 2014

Well as we all know, some of us are slower than others. After getting asked many times, I have finally started my own blog. My plan is for this blog to be very informative not only for my current and past clients but new ones as well. Hopefully questions will be answered and a few laughs will be had along the way.

First let me give a quick introduction. After 30 years in the restaurant business running multi units fast food restaurants and later full service restaurants such as Bennigan’s and Joe’s Crab Shack (yes Bennigan’s, anyone remember the Monte Cristo?) I decided I want to invest in real estate. Instead of watching late night tv and listing to the Do It Yourself get rich guys, I wanted to get my license and learn the business from the inside out. I got my license and in 2006 and have been a  full time agent since 2007. I work for the number 1 Keller Williams office in North Texas and am proud that we are consistently one of the top 5 offices in the country.

A few of the qualities I bring from the restaurant industry that has help me succeed is service and communication. Nothing is more frustration to a client than when they have a need or question and they have to wait to Monday to reach you. People need answer and answers right now. Throw in integrity and the ability to negotiate and you can’t help but have a positive real estate transaction. Treating everyone with integrity and I mean everyone, my client, the other agent and their client normally results in a smooth transaction where my client know they got the best deal possible.

Most of my business is referral based so as always I take them very serious but this space is for communicating the ins and outs of the real estate business. Of course if you know someone looking to buy or sell, please think of me 🙂

I welcome your comments on any post you see here.

Enjoy, Larry